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Washington Interactive

The new and better way to teach Washington state history and geography for upper elementary and middle school.

The Three Vests Book series

The popular trilogy explores what would happen if you were suddenly given power.

Other books:

• North Pole Santa Patrol

• Chase The Silver Ghost

• Aisle 17


Question and Answer

Q: What grade level is WA Interactive?

A: For upper elementary and middle school.
Q: Is there a fourth Three Vests book coming out?

A: Our most frequently asked question. Unfortunately, there are no plans in the works for a fourth book in the 3V series. If that changes, we'll announce it here.
Q: Do the other books connect to the Three Vests series?

A: Yes in many ways. You don't have to read one book to enjoy the other. However, it will make for a more enriching experience if you read in this order: Three Vests I, II, III - followed by NPSP - and then Chase The Silver Ghost